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Hot Tub Jets Stuck? The BEST Way To Fix & Clean Them (While Filled or When Empty)

This is the absolute easiest way to clean and fix stuck hot tub jets.

The same technique works underwater, like this:

This is the sprayer that I use in the video. It's basic and reliable. Almost any sprayer well work

I use the Spa Frog sanitizer system, which keeps the bromine levels low and does an excellent job keeping the water clean and crystal clear. You can but it here:

But even with crystal clear water, the jets still get jammed up. This video and instructions below explain how to easily free up the jets so that they work like new.

This process works when the hot tub is full or empty. I demonstrate it when empty to be easier to see what is going on.

1. Turn off the pump

2. Use a garden hose nozzle on jet mode. Spray into the nozzle and attempt to spin the jet surrounding at the same time.

3. Spray around the outer edge of the jet, between the jet and the hot tub while trying to spin the jet. The jet will slowly free up and start to spin freely.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the hot tub jet is completely free to spin and be adjusted.

These are the chemicals I use for hot tub maintenance:

- Spa Frog Sanitizer System -

- Bromine Tablets (I just crack open the Spa Frog yellow bromine holder and refill it with tablets) -

- Test Strips -

- Baking Soda (This pool-sized bag lasts forever with a hot tub)

- PH Up -

- PH Down -

- Calcium Hardness Increaser -

The products shown here were purchased by me with the intent to use them. I did not receive any free items, and I am not being paid or compensated for this review. The video, description and comments may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive a commission. Money earned helps to support my channel and bring you more informative videos about engineering, crafting, and DIY.


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