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HEPA FILTER CONVERSION KIT for DYSON V6 Cordless Battery Powered Vacuum | Replace Foam Filter

This is an updated method for how to add a HEPA Filter to DYSON V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that did not come with one. Now there is a full kit available to convert a Dyson V6 to HEPA filter -

▼ Where To Buy Parts:

▶ Dyson V6 Rear HEPA Compatible Motor Housing Kit with HEPA Filter - (includes deflector) or or

▶ Dyson V6 Rear HEPA Compatible Motor Housing on eBay -

▶ Dyson V6 Rear HEPA Compatible Motor Housing Kit with HEPA Filter on eBay -

▶ HEPA Filter:

Remove the screw holding the lower portion of the rear motor housing. Pry off the rear motor housing with foam filter using the tool included in the kit. Snap on the new HEPA filter rear motor housing and replace the screw.

The kit (and I haven't found this part anywhere) does not include the rubber gasket that seals off the handle area from the motorhead area. This seal prevents [un-HEPA filtered] air from flowing down into the handle and out the trigger and charging hole. I show how to use hot glue to effectively seal off the area such that now all the air must flow through the HEPA filter.

There is also a complete conversion kit available on Amazon that also includes the HEPA filter - or on eBay -

This is the previous method before the kits were available, and the motor housing and HEPA filter had to be purchased separately.


▶ Products we make:


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