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GEL BLASTER SURGE Review, Mods, Tracer, Teardowns, Reassemble

The GEL BLASTER SURGE was one of the first splat ball, orbeez gel blasters sold in the US, and really launched the gel blaster craze. It has gone through several revisions.

SURGE Gen 1 (V1.0)

CAUTION! SURGE Gen1 was recalled due to potential battery fires. Gel Blaster will replace your SURGE with the newest model. It is recommended to stop using it. Look up the recall.

Tracer Mod SURGE Gen 1 (The same tracer mod can be done to just about any SURGE or other gel blaster)

For a while, there was a very similar fake imitation of the Gel Blaster SURGE being sold from China. I got one to compare it to the real thing.


SURGE Gen 1.5 (V1.5)

The SURGE 1.5 introduced several new improvements. It added a single shot and full auto selection. The internal board acts as a mosfet to drive the motor.


SURGE Gen 2.0 (V2.0, or V2)

What's In The Box? In this video, I unbox and do an initial review of the SURGE 2.0

I take apart the SURGE V2 to see what's inside, how to take it apart and put it back together again.

The SURGE V2 is still using basically an SKD/STD m1911 gearbox at the core, but they have customized it with some improvements. The barrel is interchangeable. The gears area still all the same and could be replaced with metal gears.


▶ Gel Blaster SURGE - Get 10% off at GelBlaster's website when you use coupon code DANIEL50302

▶ Newest Gel Blaster Surge Version (Amazon) - (V3) or (V2)



The only changes to the SURGE V3 from the V2 was the packaging and that the hopper comes prefilled with pregrown gellets (gel balls).


▶ Gel Blaster SURGE - Get 10% off at GelBlaster's website when you use coupon code DANIEL50302

▶ Newest Gel Blaster Surge Version (Amazon) - (V3)



The SURGE XL is the big brother rifle version of the SURGE.

How to add a hop-up to the SURGE XL or STARFIRE XL gel blaster to improve the accuracy and range.


▶ Aztech Hop-Up:

▶ RIZER V2 Hop-Up:


▶ Get 10% off at GelBlaster's website when you use coupon code DANIEL50302



The STARFIRE is Gel Blaster's first blaster that comes with a tracer mod that illuminates glow-in-the-dark gel balls for use at night to see where the shots go. This is a very fun add-on that I previously showed how to mod several different brands of blasters using UV LEDs. The STARFIRE blaster body is a SURGE with a different color scheme and a special hopper feed neck that has UV LEDs inside of it and requires 2AAA batteries to run it.


▶ Gel Blaster STARFIRE (Direct) -

▶ Gel Blaster STARFIRE (Walmart) -

▶ Gel Blaster SURGE with STARFIRE Activator -

▶ Gel Blaster STARFIRE Activator (Add to your SURGE or SURGE XL) -

▶ Gel Blaster STARFIRE XL -

▶ Gel Blaster SURGE -

▶ Glow In The Dark Gel Balls: or

One annoying thing about the Gel Blaster STARFIRE tracer is that it makes the whole hopper glow bright. Not only is this blinding to the user at night, but it also makes you a target and difficult to hide. I show an easy mod to black out the hopper bottle and become invisible at night.

The GEL BLASTER STARFIRE glow-in-the-dark gel ball tracer unit requires two AAA batteries to light up the UV LEDs, and unfortunately, the batteries need to be removed after playing, because the switch is easy to accidentally turn on and will fully drain the batteries. It would be a lot more convenient to power the STARFIRE tracer unit from the blaster battery, especially since the onboard circuit has an auto shut-off. I tapped into the two wires that go to the front of the blaster and used a 3.3V voltage regulator to power the tracer unit.

I take apart the STARFIRE tracer unit which is integrated into the hopper feed neck of the GEL BLASTER STARFIRE splat ball blaster to see what's inside and how it's made.



The Gel Blaster STAFIRE XL is the big brother rifle-style blaster of the STARFIRE. It is a lot more powerful and comes with a larger hopper.



Considering that there have been cases of the first generation SURGE catching on fire (usually when charging), it's safe practice to charge any li-ion device or battery in a fire-resistant charging bag. Since the SURGE does not have a removable battery, the whole blaster has to be placed in a bag. Pouch-style Li-Po batteries like in the Gen1 SURGE are more vulnerable to catching fire due to overcharging, or overcurrent.


▶ Lipo Battery Bag 240x190x60mm Size -

▶ SentrySafe Fire and Water Resistant Bag for Documents, 5" x 11" x 15" -

▶ This bag is the perfect size for several (6-7) pistol-sized gel blasters or airsoft guns that have non-removable batteries. - or

This bag fits a whole arsenal of rifle-sized blasters with non-removable batteries like the SURGE XL and STARFIRE XL


▶ "Fireproof" Duffle Bag -


▶ Gel Blaster SURGE - Get 10% off at GelBlaster's website when you use coupon code DANIEL50302

▶ Newest Gel Blaster Surge Version (Amazon) - (V3) or (V2)

▶ Ammo (Gellets) 5 pack (50,000 rounds) -

▶ Ammo 5 pack (50,000 rounds - 3rd Party - Cheaper) -

▶ Ammo Orange 10 pack (100,000 rounds - 3rd Party - Cheaper) -

▶ Ammo Blue 10 pack (100,000 rounds - 3rd Party - Cheaper) -

Disclaimer - Some of the products shown here were sent free of charge for my review, and some were purchased by me with the intent to use them. The video, description, and comments may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive a commission. Money earned helps to support my channel and bring you more informative videos about engineering, crafting, and DIY


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