Eco-friendly shipping packaging options for MARKSMITH and other Soul Built products

One thing I despise about manufacturing is the amount of waste created. I try to consider and minimize waste at every step.

Marksmith Packaging

Sealing The Packaging

The Marksmith boxes must be sealed, especially for retail. Heat sealed and shrink wrap is a common way to do this. I don't like the additional plastic waste, so was searching for PLA or something biodegradable.

Biolefin is a brand of polylefin shrink film that has adative (Revert) that allow it to break down faster into shorter polymer chains that bacteria and microorganisms can digest.

Here they show how they use the sheets of film and equipment to mass wrap soap, which is similar in size to the MARKSMITH boxes.


Padded Mailers

Poly Padded Bubble Mailers

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