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Easy Trick To Fix Loud Squeaking ROOMBA!!! Silence Your iRobot Roomba's Annoying Squeaky Wheel Video

My Roomba was making an awful squeaking sound that was louder than the Roomba itself. I thought it was unfixable until I discovered this trick. Watch the video to learn how to fix it:

Using a spray lube that dries out, it can be pinpointed onto the Roombas wheel axle. A quick shot of lubricant on the axle, followed by rotating the wheel to work it in will stop the squeak.


▶ I have the iRobot Roomba 960 -

▶ This is the Spray On Dry Lube with Teflon that I used -

▶ You can also use a spray dry lube with graphite -

Squeaking Roombas appear to be a huge problem considering how many commenters have said that this video has helped them. I still haven't had to reapply the lubrication, so the effect lasts a very long time. There are a few possible sources of squeaks. The wheels can squeak and make noise like my Roomba did. The side brush can also be noisy and squeak. Make sure that all the hair is cleaned out of the side brush. The easiest way to do that is to unscrew it, take it off, and clean off any hair wrapped up around it. The main drive rollers can also make a noise like squeaking or rattling. Remove those, clean them, and add some dry lube to the pivots if needed.


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