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Dyson Cordless Vacuum V6 Double Battery Capacity and Run Time

The battery life on our Dyson V6 vacuum was decreasing to the point where boost mode did not work for more than a few seconds. Normal mode was still usable but lasted less than half the time that it did when new. I would prefer even more battery life than new, especially to be able to use turbo mode for longer periods of time, and since we always use the brush. The fluffy roller brush is used most, followed by the regular carpet brush.

One of my friends modded his Dyson V7 to use a Milwaukee drill battery, but that was a pretty intense modification. In addition to replacing the battery with a Milwaukee battery mount, he had to replace the trigger switch.

Dyson sells replacement batteries which are expensive, and don't increase the run time more than what the vacuum was new.

Third-party batteries are of questionable quality and safety. Most use no name, poor quality cells. They may work well when new, but the lifespan is likely to be much shorter. Any packs that claim more than about 2500mAh (for the normal size pack, which is 6 cells) are lying. Most 18650 cells that can handle the high current draw are in the 2500 mAh or less range. There are 1850 cells that have a higher capacity, up to about 3500mAh, but they can't handle the high current draw required by the Dyson vacuum cleaner. In addition, the BMS (Battery Management System) of a 3rd party may not be of as high quality as the Dyson BMS.

So, the only way to effectively increase the run time is to use physically larger lithium cells or double the number of cells. When the cells are doubled, the batteries are placed in parallel, which has a downside that now the cells can go out of balance.

This 3rd party battery has twice the number of battery cells (12 cells) vs the original Dyson battery (6 cells). The capacity is quoted to be 5000mAh, which may be a bit higher than reality if the original Dyson pack was 2100mAh.

The downside of the battery is that it will no longer work with the original Dyson Charging Dock. Fortunately, they make a dock that can be purchased separately that does work.

This will be the battery that I choose for replacing the original battery when it completely dies. I plan to test the life and capacity of this battery compared to the specs and the original battery.

I've been using this battery for 2+ years now, and it has been great, except for a tiny flaw that could make you think that it has stopped working. Sometimes, after a full charge, the vacuum does not start up. Pulling the battery out, and putting it back in solves the problem, which is a huge pain if you have reattached the battery with the screws. I created a quick change clip that fits this battery, allows the screws to be left off, and the battery can be reset on the rare occasion that it does not start up. Watch the quick change clip video:



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