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Adding a 90 Degree, Right Angle Milling Head Adapter To Tormach CNC Milling Machine

The Tormach PCNC 1100 (and 770) use a standard diameter spindle OD that is the same diameter as the Bridgeport milling machine quill diameter. So most accessories that fit on the Bridgeport spindle quill will fit on the Tormach.

There are 90 degree heads that were and are still made for Bridgeport mills. They clamp onto the quill.

The problem is that the available height of the clamping surface on the Tormach is smaller than a Bridgeport, because there's no quill to extend. So the R8 adapter inside won't mate properly with the R8 spindle in the Tormach. Not to mention that we would need to remove the ATC when we want to use this.

I read that some people took the right-angle milling adapter apart, and turned the R8 taper down to 0.75 inches to be compatible with the TTS collet holder system. That makes it easy and quick to install and remove the right-angle adapter.



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