Kickstarter Tip #1 - Formatting Images for Kickstarter Project Page

Formatting images for the best appearance on Kickstarter is tricky and works best if you follow a few guidelines.

Image Width

Kickstarter resizes any image you upload to 680px wide. This means that you should save images as multiples of 680px for the best resizing quality. Ideally just save the images destined for the Kickstarter page as 680px wide.

Mobile Phone Cropping Issue

The width of the images gets cropped when viewing on mobile phones, even in the Kickstarter app. This is not a big deal for regular images, but if you have text on the images, make sure that it is far enough away from the sides to not get cropped.

A noticeable example of this was when the header which was made of a line art image was cropped. The outline shows the margin (approximately 10px) on the left and right that was required to prevent cropping of the line art.

Header image with margins on either side to prevent cropping on mobile device.

The crop appears to be about 10px on each side of the image. Leave a 10px margin on both sides of any important details on the image to prevent those from being cropped.


  1. Image Width = 680px

  2. Left/Right side crop on mobile devices = 10px

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