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Marking Black ABS with Fiber Laser to get a White Logo

Our new product is a 10 inch tablet mount for photographers and videographers. We used the Fiber Laser to mark a bright white logo, product name, website, and instructions on the flat surface.

The material is most likely ABS, but it's possible that it's nylon. It's difficult to tell, but both materials engrave with about the same settings.

The Quarter Twenty Mount is available for purchase here:

The Quarter Twenty Tablet Mount is the perfect way to attach any 10-inch tablet to your camera rig, rail assembly, magic arm, tripod, light-stand, or other professional apparatus.

Has three 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes – spaced 1" apart – for flexible positioning.

And the best part? It's large enough to hold your tablet no matter what case is on it. No more shedding skins to make your tablet fit.

Don't believe us? Check these maximum tablet dimensions (including case): Height: 8.75" Minimum to 10.75" Maximum Width: 8.25" Maximum Edge Thickness: 1.1" Maximum

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