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DSLR CAT - Peter Haas shows off his custom CAT Rig

Peter Haas ( from NYC ordered a customized DSLR CAT Rig several months ago, and sent us these images and his positive feedback after using it on a long documentary shoot.

Here's what he had to say:

"I have to say, this is by far the most comfortable rig I've used - the weighting was spot on, and there where many times where it one could easily forget it was a DSLR rig and not an Aaton. At the price point that you're offering this thing, I think you could rack up a good amount of sales.

The over-all size of the rig is great, the grip on the side of the camera feels like it's exactly in the right spot. The leather strap was really comfortable, and it made the longer verité shooting days a lot easier.

A great thing we discovered: since our view finder came with the swivel HDMI cables we were able to run the cable through the X bar and tied it down with some plastic clasps. We also added some biker's grip to the handle (about $15 will buy a lot of grip tape) to make it a little more comfortable when doing some low-angle shooting.

The Zacutto viewfinder mounted brilliantly to several of the mounts. We found that depending on the "style" of shooting we wanted to change where we mounted the eyepiece, so having a number of options really saved our bacon a couple of times in tight spaces.

You might consider adding another mount, or quick-release plate to the bottom of the rig, one that would allow the user to slap the entire rig onto a tripod.

We tended to put the camera on the lower mount, for the 7D especially it seemed to balance best; for the GH2 we would move it around depending on the lens we used.

Brilliant job man, I plan on getting a blog post up about this next week. We're going to be attending a documentary convention in November and will definitely be showing off the rig as part of our gear package!"

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