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Frame Construction for DSLR CAT Video Camera Should Rig

Note: This tutorial shows how to make the DSLR CAT frame using the DIY method.

Before cutting, and wasting pieces of nice wood, I tested out different designs in cardboard. This allowed me to get the shape and size correct, and cardboard was sturdy enough for testing.

The design was cut with a laser, but if you don't have access to a laser, you could print out the design at 1:1 scale, mark it on the cardboard (or wood), and then cut it with a scroll or jig saw. The holes can be drilled out and are designed to fit M5 screws. M5 screws are exchangable with 10-32 screws.

Once the cardboard sides are cut, I cut short lengths of aluminum extrusion. The length required may vary based on your needs. The piece at the top will be used to support the EVF (or small monitor), and microphone. The piece at the bottom supports the quick release, and the handle and other accessories will attach to it.

Assemble the 2 sides and the extrusions, and give it a test run.

Once satisfied with the design, you can cut it out of wood. I used 1/4in baltic birch plywood. Very strong and lightweight. I'm looking forward to having these cut out of carbon fiber. That will look amazing, and be super light weight.

The wood version assembled. This is before it is sanded, and finished.


Increase the angle at the front of the shoulder cut out, so there's more space between the frame and the leather shoulder pad.

Make the frame out of carbon fiber or aluminum.

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