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KissRig Open Source Shoulder Rig V1.2

The counterweight system is much improved in this version of the Krig. Readily available barbell weights with 1inch center holes slip perfectly over the 20mm t-slot extrusion. The tail of the rig is height adjustable. It can be raised to put the weight further back and increase the amount of counterweight. Or it can be lowered for greater stability, and shooting in tight quarters. The weights are held in place with a screw and t-nut used as the stopper, and a screw and washer in the end which clamps the weights against the stop screw.

The offset camera rail option shown below allows the camera to be placed directly in front (or anywhere left to right) of the film maker. Don't need to crane your neck to the side anymore. It's a lot more ergonomic.

  • Counterweights are now standard barbell weights with 1 inch center holes.

  • Counterweights are position and height adjustable.

  • 2 screws for the shoulder pad attachment instead of just one. Prevents the shoulder pad from twisting.

  • Grips are Pyramid Black Ops BMX grips. Very nice, comfy, nonslip, and fit a larger hand.

  • Seperate, offset rail for the camera. Positions a DSLR directly in front of the cameraman's line of site.

  • Quick releases for the handles

  • Laser engraved Logo and owner's name on the front.

  • Changed to the Giottos MH621 Quick Release, which is much nicer and cheaper than the Manfrotto 577 Quick release. The Manfrotto 577 was also a pain to install, because the screw holes in the base are not lined up with the camera attachment screw on the quick release plate!!! The plate centerline is offset from the base centerline by about 5mm. The Giottos MH621 base and plate are perfectly aligned. Also the tighening thumbscrew is easier to use with a DSLR, because it only requires 1/2 turn to go from loose to tight.

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