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How To Make Sand Blaster 2 STAGE DUST CYCLONE for Seperating Media & Extracting Dust

I was using an inexpensive dust cyclone to filter the air coming out of the sandblast cabinet. The cyclone captured all the media and dust that escaped. I measured the efficiency of the cyclone at 98.6% for very fine dust. Its high efficiency worked very well to capture all the dust and blasting media before it reached the shop vacuum cleaner filter. Unfortunately, that meant it was not possible to reuse the blasting media because it generated a dust storm in the cabinet.


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The blasting media is heavier than the dust created. cyclones can be tuned to separate different weights. A less efficient cyclone will only capture heavier particles and allow lighter particles to pass. It's possible to design a cyclone to only capture the heavier blasting media.

A practical example is the Dyson vacuum cleaner, all of which use multistage cyclones. The first stage is the large clear canister which separates the heavy particles and large items. This gets most of the dust and dirt. The air then travels and is divided into many smaller cyclones that have a much higher airspeed to separate out fine dust.

For the first stage of the blastic media separator, I came across a very simple bucket lid which is sold as a wood dust separator for home woodshop use. It's a poor design that only removed the larger wood chips, and the finer dust passes through. That's useless for removing the dangerous fine dust of woodworking, but perfect for removing the heavy blasting media and allowing the fine dust to pass through to the next cyclone stage.

The second stage is an inexpensive plastic cyclone. Don't let the cost fool you though, I have run some tests on very fine dust and it has proven to be 98.6% efficient. This is right up there with the more expensive brands like Dust Deputy. This stage removes almost all the fine dust particles.

The final stage is the shop vac-style vacuum cleaner. Very little dust makes it here, but what does reach the vacuum is filtered out using a HEPA filter that fits the RIGID brand shop vac that I use.

I'm very please with how well this ended up working. It is now attached to the blast cabinet and has been very effective at separating out the blasting media from the dust. The blasting media can be further cleaned by cycling it a few times as shown in the video.



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2 STAGE DUST CYCLONE for Separating Sand Blaster Media | How well does it work?

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