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Karver Knives

Karver Knives is a revolutionary way to buy a custom chef's knife. You choose your blade style, blade material, handle grip style and shape, handle hardware colors, and an optional custom laser engraving on the blade to create the ultimate knife to meet your specifications.

Visit to see our work and choose your knife!


  • Blade Style

    • Chef (Western)

    • Santoku

    • Nakiri

    • Gyuto K-tip

  • Blade Length

    • 6"

    • 8"

    • 10"

  • Blade Material

    • 1095 Carbon Steel

    • S35VN Stainless

    • VG-10 Damascus Layered Steel

    • Damasteel Damascus

  • Handle Grip Shape

    • Western

      • Large (approximately 1in (25mm) width)

      • Regular (approximately 0.75in (XXmm) width)

    • Asian Inspired Octagonal

  • Handle Grip Appearance

    • Wood (Stabilized in resin for water resistance)

    • Resin (Colored and with decorative features)

    • Wood/Resin Hybrids

  • Handle Hardware Colors

    • Black

    • Silver

    • Gold

  • Laser Engraved Designs

    • Text - Choose some text to laser on the blade

    • Designs - Choose from our library of designs to have laser engraved on the blade



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