TimeDock for Pebble

The finest charging dock for the Pebble Time smartwatch family.
TimeDock with Pebble Time Round PTR
TimeDock Black without watch 2
TimeDock Gunmetal charging dock for Pebble Time
TimeDock Gunmetal charging dock with Pebble Time
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TimeDock Silver with Pebble Time Smartwatch
TimeDock Silver with Pebble Time Smartwatch black background 3
TimeDock Silver for Pebble Time Smartwatch
TimeDock Rose Gold with Pebble Time Smartwatch
TimeDock Rose Gold for Pebble Time Smartwatch
Pebble Time Charging
TimeDock Black with watch

The best home for your Pebble Time, Time Steel & Time Round smartwatch – A dock and charging cable all in one, it’s the ultimate Pebble Time charging dock.



Your Pebble Time watch will have a secure place to charge with TimeDock. Keep your watch fully charged and easy to get to when you’re ready to go. Make the most of your Time.

Integrated into the TimeDock is a Pebble Time charging connector that uses a detachable micro USB cable. This allows you to keep your original charging cable with you on the go so you will be able to charge your Pebble at work, school or in your car.



TimeDock allows your Pebble to be useable no matter what. Keeping the watch propped up ensures that the display is always visible and easy to access even when its not on your wrist. You might not be able to wear your watch all the time, but you should always be able to use it. Dock and display your watch while charging and keep it usable when off your wrist.



The Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Time Round (PTR) all have the same charging port, in the same location. The TimeDock can be used to dock and charge all of these watches!



The TimeDock’s charging module is expandable! We’ve engineered the charging module as a separate piece from the plinth(body), giving you room to upgrade or change as your Pebble smartwatch changes.



Edwin & Philipp over at LIGNITE Collection designed a custom TimeDock watchface based on input from our backers. The watchface will automatically open when the watch is charging on the TimeDock (uses the worker), has some cool animations and updates the weather every half an hour. The watchface is complete and we’re giving it away to TimeDock backers!

Get the WatchFace NOW in the Pebble AppStore!



Aluminum T6-6061 Alloy – Bead blasted and anodized – Strong and durable plinth (Body), and charging module face.

Rare earth neodymium magnets to hold your watch securely against the charging dock

Gold plated spring pins for electrical contact.

Premium micro suction cup rubber used on the non-slip footing.

Stainless socket head hex cap screws used to attach charging module.

High quality microUSB charging cable included.



The TimeDock Pebble Time charging dock is available in the following colors



GunMetal Grey (Grey with a blue tint)

Rose Gold


Todd, TimeDock Owner

Wow! A fantastic product. The fit and finish of this product is terrific. Surprisingly good for a first run product. I do not think there is anything I would change. Very well thought out and implemented. Excellent design choices. Well done good sirs. 

Justin Marden, AndroidGuys

TimeDock solves the problem of the awkward charging cable, but it does so with class. It isn’t just an easier charging solution, it’s a great companion for Pebble Time devices.

Jennifer Jewell, PebbleStuff

... the TimeDock is a definite winner. With its aluminum alloy body and solidly integrated charging port, you can be confident that your Pebble is safe and sound while quenching its thirst for battery juice.

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