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HAAS TM-1 ENCLOSURE - How to build a full enclosure for flood coolant and mist control

I want to maintain easy access to the table and hand wheels (in reality, we never touch the hand wheels). A hybrid enclosure with hard panels on the back and below table level on the front and side. Add a frame around the top and sides. 

Heavy duty vinyl (or neoprene coated nylon) curtain wraps around the sides to the front. A solid lexan door for the front. Door is suspended from rails. 

Commercial Curtain Track

Tightest corner is 2ft radius. Is it possible to 3D print tighter radius corner to pass behind the control box?

Straight track pieces - 6ft for $21

Curved track pieces. 2 ft radius. $59 each

These would actually work pretty well on the sides, and with the angled front corners. 

Nylon Roller with 1/2" or 1" hook - 30 lb capacity

$1.95 each or box of 20 for $37.50

Curtain Material

This is a heavy duty, fire resistant, reinforced vinyl material:

Neoprene coated nylon, 40oz (used for roll up way covers): 40oz neoprene covered nylon is sold by the yard at other websites for much less expensive than Mcmaster

McMaster sells 40 oz neoprene-coated nylon (0.040" thick). This could easily be used to cover the front ways using the roller and weight.


McMaster has strut channel and strut channel trolleys


This was a 3rd party commercially available enclosure, but is unfortunately no longer sold, since all new TM-1 mills are sold with an enclosure. The following pictures come from this Machine Station listing.


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