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Finding the BEST SUP PUMP for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


This is the pump I ended up buying, and it is amazing: Freein Triple Action Hand Pump

If the Freein pump is out of stock, then the Jobe Triple Action Manual Pump or Swimline Solstice Triple Action Pump looks virtually identical.

The triple action works great, easy to use, and makes pumping very fast.

In combination with this Ryobi 18V Inflator (Alternate Source, With Battery and Charger, Home Depot) & Ryobi 18V Battery, I can inflate the paddle board in record time, and I don't need to be near a 12V power source like the car. I let the Ryobi 18V battery powered inflator fill the board with air, and then start at stage 2 of the triple action pump. The Ryobi 18V inflator is also good for quickly deflating the board. It will suck all the air out quickly until the board is flat as a crepe (even thinner than a pancake), so you don't have to wait, or roll up slowly.

If I don't have the Ryobi 18V inflator, then I just start out with the Freein triple action pump at stage 1, which is way faster to fill the board than the stock pump.


The pump that came with my Saturn SUP takes forever to pump up the board. It's a work out, which I don't mind, but the amount of time it takes is annoying. I'd rather be out on the water than pumping up the board.

Sure you can find some electric pumps, but they are expensive, loud and require a power source. Either they are connected to 12V auto outlet, or battery powered. All this increase in complexity makes it more likely to break down, not be charged, or batteries gone bad. It's one more thing to mess with that I would rather just do by hand.

Some of the higher volume pumps rival the cost of an electric pump

Triple Action SUP Hand Pumps

These are the highest volume and fastest hand pumps available.

It has 3 modes that you switch as pumping gets more difficult:

Double cylinder, double action - 3.5L for each stroke - 7L for one stroke cycle (down and up)

Double cylinder, single action - 3.5L for one stroke cycle

Single cylinder, single action - 1.75L per stroke cycle

This pump is relabeled by many different SUP sellers. There are only minor differences between the following pumps.


I purchased and tested this pump, but was not happy with the results. Maybe I got a dud, but the piston was always pushing back up, like a one way valve was broken. I returned it and didn't try another, as I thought this was not a good sign of quality.

The reviews on Amazon are not great either, although most complain about issues with the hose and connections leaking.

This is the second largest pump I have found. It's volume is 4.7L but it is only a single action pump with a switchable smaller cylinder for higher pressure pumping. If this pump were dual action, it could be an awesome pump, and would be even quicker than the triple action SUP pump.

Combining a Hand Pump and an Electric Pump

The most time consuming part of pumping up the SUP is simply inflating it to 1-2psi. A high volume electric pump could do this quickly, and then you can continue to pump by hand to pressurize the board.

Ryobi sells a 18V cordless high volume pump designed for air beds and other low pressure inflatables. I like this because I already have Ryobi 18V power tools and lots of batteries. This could be used to do the initial inflation, and then take over with the hand pump to bring it up to final pressure.

T connector for dual pumps

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